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Yahoo! Groups : EFI_onlinewriting2004


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By Teacher Buthaina AL.Othaman

Offered by EFI


1. Introduction.

This project addresses three fundamental issues regarding Distance Learning. It firstly asks whether the negative aspects of the Distance Learning it was significantly analyzed looking for to show the disadvantages, translated in difficulties and barriers of online education, and secondly the advantages of virtual educations systems was emphasized as the most important evolution in the field of education, and finally it will be presented the technological resources and multimedia tools, as complementary support the activities of learning. The reporter suggests to the reader the possibility of choice amongst these two learning models what is the best, for individual education.

2. What are the disadvantages of distance learning?

Many people were asked about efficiency of distance learning in comparative to the traditional education. The most frequent question is: Distant students learn as much students receiving traditional face-to-face instruction? This reporter does not have the pretension to answer the questionings above or to place in argument the methodologies of traditional education verses online learning, compare it one to another, or still to try, to form an opinion about it; The reporter was focused in the distance learning, to show to the advantages, and disadvantages while education methodology; The Items below identifies to the main disadvantages of Distance Learning.

Commitment – The time will be demanded to employer, family, and friends make it difficult to find time to study;

Time Management – The work, family, and social commitments it can’t procrastinated should be constantly time managed;

Information Management – On-line learner receive a lot of information at once, these courses information need to be managed;

No Instructor Coaching – The student who learning style were personalized attention from teachers, should be forgot about distance learning;

Independence and Isolation – Distance learning is not easy, because the sense of isolation, and the lack of face-to-face teaching were inhibited the students ability to learn, and a considerable number of students were left the online courses.

Technology Knowledgeable – Online course use technology, for teaching, and communications, the student must be known the system using and upgraded.

Acceptability – While the oldest marketplace perceptions won’t be changed, there will be still a stigma attached to distance delivered degrees.

Discipline – It was required the self discipline to the student to be able to work independently;

Motivation – It was required that student was a highly motivated. Distance learning do not offer motivational factors from contact, and competition from an others student’s;

Writing Skills – It was required to student a good writing skills;

3. What are the advantages of distance learning?

The option for the process of distance education, had gotten several advantages to the student that is goes since the flexibility, where the user who is choose the best time and place, for studies, up to social enclosure, when system was permitted the access to college of persons, who before they were excluded, by the more varied motives since professional reasons, to the difficulty of access to the university by the distance of college center, among the advantages of the systems of distance learning it is stand out down the main:

Convenience – The courses can be taken in the comfort at home or at office;

Flexibility – The courses can be done at any time, and at individualized pace;

Availability – With a rapid broadband internet increasing there was exploded the number of course, and ranges of student support;

Time savings – The students won’t be wasted time commuting to courses or to the library;

There isn’t job or carrier interruption - Working students weren’t needed to relocate or reschedule his jobs or take leaves of absence to go to school;

Rich diversity - Classes are made up of a wide diversity of older, highly motivated students from many walks of life in many parts of the world;

Autonomy - The student is responsible, for his own learning, and during the lessons that is choosing what’s necessary to deep, in accordance with his interest, and availability.
The students are assisted, and supported in their learn, by a tutor though real time chat, e-mails, discussion groups with staff and other students, forums and conferences;

Interaction - These new initiatives generated a new approach to teaching and learning Students interacts not only with the Teacher, but also with its colleagues.

The wealth of this exchange of information is optimized by the existing cultural diversity between the participants. The Teacher interacts with the student as individual learning giving the feedback of all student requests;

Applicability – Distance education is contextualized, searching always a connection between, what it was learned with the current reality. The theory is used as justified to enrich the practical one;

4. Distance Learning Support – Tools and Materials.

There is a wide range of multimedia resources were used in distance learning, as interactive educational tools. These include: Resources of multimedia and internet, beyond the additional resorts as compact cd-rom’s, and printed books, etc. They were permitted the convergence of the traditional education with the distance learning, and becoming the two models more interactive. The technological and interactive tools became a sort of personalized education, where the student and professor are able to interact in the moment that feels need to support or feedback.

The main technologies tools utilized as education supports are:

Internet and multimedia: Websites, blog’s, forums, virtual chat’s, virtual classroom, learner and teaching groups, e-mail, e-books, web-search, audio conference, video conference, voice mail, web phone;

Other multimedia to facilitate self-learning; Audio tapes, Cd – Room, VCR’s, DVD’s, Telephone’s;

Other Distance Learning Support Material: Printed material as textbooks, newspaper and newsmagazines.

5. Conclusion:

Online learning provides the dual possibility to learning, in any time the student became a teacher, as well a learner; this is because the student must be responsible for your own learning, finding study resources, and setting learning goals, and checking your own progress.

The flexibility was permitted to the student study and learning in the comfort, and convenience of home, and office. Just login the online classroom, and read the lessons, complete the quizzes, and assignments, or communicate with the learning community. The internet courses schedule nearly always are free and must be done before breakfast, during lunch, late at night, or at any other convenient time.

Finally, I hope that you understood the disadvantages, and advantages about distance learning system. I believe that online education must be the future of education, and the two actual models will became only one called virtual and interactive education or other suggestive and global name. As distance learner I recommend this system as efficient and exciting way to leaning the most variable range of course. Today you can do almost college courses, language course with the native speak and competent teachers and learning anything using online resources.

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Lourival da Silva Fernandes
Winter - 2004 (September, 16, 2004)
Imperatriz - MA - Brazil

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AIEC - 2004

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EFI_Writing Course_ First week

Hi, Teacher Buthaina and classmates:

First I introduce myself:

My name is Lourival Fernandes and I'm 46 years old,
I'm a Administration student at open university - FAAB/AIEC university, I study english by internet in the some english teaching websites.
My favorites hobby is internet nature and listening english radio as BBC and VOA to improve my english learning.
I'm work as technician at telelecommunication campany.

This week (15 to 19,august. I,m beginnig my first English
EFI- Writing Course by Teacher Buthaina, trhoug StudyCom website. It's very important for me to increase my knowledge of english.


Topic for my final term paper and presentation:
Distance Learning - Advantages & Disadvantages